Action plan helps families prepare for college

Action plan helps families prepare for college

More families are saving for college than ever before, according to a 2016 Sallie Mae survey. Of the parents surveyed, 57% reported that they are saving for their child’s education, up from 48% in 2015. While general savings accounts remain the most popular way to save, more than one-third of parents are using 529 college savings plans. And parents with a 529 plan have saved more than those using other types of accounts.

College preparation is a complex and challenging process. This year-by-year guide provides useful ideas for high-school students and their parents as they prepare for college.

The process of preparing for college can involve multiple strategies that must consider potential tax advantages and liabilities. Assets outside of college savings accounts add to the complexity of planning. Parents must be mindful of account ownership and income that can affect their child’s eligibility for financial aid. At all stages of planning for college, it is important to meet with a financial professional.

Resources: Putnam college savings calculator, FAFSA, “Strategies to make the most of college savings,” U.S. News, “Why a college student needs a health-care proxy.”


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