Webcast: Tax outlook and strategies in the Biden era

Webcast: Tax outlook and strategies in the Biden era

Many investors are wondering where taxes could be headed under the Biden administration.

Bill Cass, CFP® and CPWA®, Director of Wealth Management Programs, and Chris Hennessey, J.D. and C.P.A., Financial Planner and Professor Emeritus of Law, Babson College, recently joined Putnam Portfolio Manager Paul Drury, for a webcast to discuss the current tax landscape, planning strategies for investors, and outlook for the municipal bond market.

Here’s a snapshot of what Putnam’s experts covered:

  • What’s the probability and timing of potential tax increases in 2021? Is there a chance that changes could be applied retroactively?
  • What type of tax increases are more likely to be targeted, and those that are less likely?
  • What tax planning conversations are most timely right now to engage clients and prospects?
  • How might the COVID relief plan being deliberated on Capitol Hill impact the municipal bond market?
  • Where are the current opportunities in the tax-free, fixed income space?

In addition, during the webcast we asked more than 300 advisors for their thoughts on what type of tax increase was most likely in 2021.

poll on taxes

Financial professionals: Watch the webcast replay to see what Putnam experts think about the tax landscape.

link to replay of webcast


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