Key tax figures for 2024

Key tax figures for 2024

While there are no major changes from last year, due to rising inflation, many tax figures annually adjusted for inflation will increase in 2023. For example, the unified gift and estate lifetime exclusion increases to more than $13 million in 2024.

Many taxpayers see the new year as a time for a fresh look at financial plans.

A first step in planning for the year ahead is for taxpayers to determine their tax bracket. Putnam’s “2024 tax rates, schedules, and contribution limits” can be a useful reference to review with a financial advisor.

2024 tax rates, schedules and contribution limits
With changes in tax brackets and contribution levels, there are areas where individuals may want to consider revisions to their tax strategy for the year ahead. For example, the maximum amount a participant can defer salary into a defined contribution plan increases to $23,000 from $22,500. Contributions to health savings accounts (HSAs) also rose to $4,150 for individuals and $8,300 for families.

Here’s a look at some of the key tax figure changes for 2024:

changes in key tax figures for this year

Seek advice

To make adjustments to current financial plans, it is important to consult with an advisor with knowledge of your individual financial situation.


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